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Georgiades & Associates

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Georgiades & Associates is a boutique securities and corporate law firm bringing a fresh approach to advising early stage companies, publicly listed companies, broker-dealers, funding portals and investment advisors on  capital formation transactions.


We have extensive legal, venture and entrepreneurial experience allowing us to provide comprehensive advice on modern capital formation transactions such as Regulation A+, crowdfunding and generally solicited private placements. We assist clients in managing a broad range of complex corporate and financial matters. These clients, including public and private issuers, underwriters, venture capital firms, high net worth individuals and other investors, rely on our experienced and creative corporate securities law counsel to negotiate a wide variety of corporate and financing transactions.

"Crowdfunding represents a fundamental refashioning of our private capital markets offering entrepreneurs and businesses the opportunity to raise capital directly from the public. However, Crowdfunding is more than just a means of raising capital and creating jobs. It has the potential to foster a culture of  innovation, entrepreneurship and appreciation for higher education. This democratization of new venture financing will afford underrepresented minorities, women and rural SME's whom historically received limited access to venture or angel funding a fair opportunity to raise capital and turn ideas into businesses. 
Funding portals globally have proven to be a much needed addition to the private markets promoting greater transparency, efficiency and regulatory compliance. The success of Crowdfunding will depend largely upon national and regional regulators appreciating its profound significance to SMEs and their continued commitment to working with industry participants to educate the public and foster an orderly, transparent and efficient marketplace." 
George S. Georgiades Esq., 

Alternative Finance Crowdfunding in Canada,

"Unlocking Real Value Through FinTech and Crowd Innovation"

National Crowdfunding Association, 2016

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Regulation A+
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ICOs and Coins
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Private Placements
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Industry 05
Real Estate Syndication
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FINRA Registration
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